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Life Transforming Coach In A Book 
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“I  Reveal 7 Very Powerful  
Life-Transforming Secrets Nobody Teaches You, That’ll ‘Shift’   The Way You Live, Think Allowing You To Create The Life You Deserve 
This information has the power to finally change your life in  ways you never even imagined was possible!   
Lifetricity delivers a refreshing outlook on personal development shifting the focus towards active self-parenting.  Designed to support you on your quest to live a fulfilling life experience.  You will be enthralled by the simplistic yet impactful change process!
Not only is that cool... but check this out!
  • Learn how making internal "shifts" in your own belief system and energy can naturally effect your own external world in a powerful way.  
  •  Find out how your own personal “vibe” could be attracting the things in life that you don’t want vs. the things you do want! I’ll show you exactly how to reverse this so you can see real, positive changes! 
  •  Discover how to truly “own your mind” in order to align with what you really want out of life. This could be a better love life, fantastic career, greater financial success and more! Do this right and the world will become your own creative canvas!
meet the woman behind the book
Yvonne Tomlin Miller
My name is Yvonne Tomlin Miller  and i love to help people  literally catch their dreams.  I'm the creator and author of Lifetricity a  wonderful tool designed to re-tune your inner vibe.  I have literally found my calling.  
For over 30 years now I’ve been  helping  individuals just like yourself transform their own happiness in life.

Having worked as a College Principal in London,  Senior Government Executive, Property Developer, Restauranteur and now in demand coach.  I captured all I learnt combined it with intensive research alongside my own life experiences.
Don't just take it from me this is what a lot of awesome people think about why the book is really good!!!
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
 fresh approach on self development .... a MUST READ"
Kerry  A
This book was excellent and I would highly recommend. It has a fresh approach on self development, personal growth and the law of attraction and it has helped me make some simple changes to my thinking that is making noticeable difference to not only my confidence but to my outlook on life. If you have ever read 'The Secret' then you will definitely love this book as it is even better! It is really well written and easy to follow and I could tell throughout that it was written from the heart. I hope the author releases further books as I will definitely be reading them and this one will be getting re-read a few times!
It's brevity and apparent simplicity are key to its strength. Go ahead, light the touch paper!...
Review By Honest Reader
Ms Tomlin Miller provides a set of simple exercises designed to help each of us develop insight into the normally hidden drivers and barriers that influence our lives for good and bad. In focusing on accepting ourselves and then on understanding how we 'work' she believes we can reset our individual operating systems to a more conscious approach to our lives and thereby realise a happier life. As she says, "this isn't 'self help' which implies that there is something wrong", this is more about self-parenting,

I grew the confidence to push through and get the job of my dreams.

Sidra - London 

Becoming positively charged has taken the effort out of trying to be positive all the time.  As a teacher I have shared many of the principles with my students  so they  are properly prepared for life

Simon - London 

Working with Yvonne was like being on a rocket, the pace of change was mind-blowing.  From day one I knew this was going to work for me.  Not only was she able to reveal my blind spots to me, she was strict in my taking quick action.  As a result I am now an author!

Patricia - Yorkshire  Author Mummy Owl
What's inside the book •
Sample Pages •
These are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favourite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • Discover the unique “self-parenting” techniques that even the greatest motivational speakers on the planet have no clue about. I’ll show you how you can tap into these methods anytime you wish!       
  • Find out how your own belief system acts like a powerful antenna in your life, attracting what you want and what you don’t want. Once you take a step back and look at your thinking and vibrations, you’ll be shocked at what you’ll discover.
  •  Learn how adversity can actually help guide you, shape you, and open up an endless number of opportunities in your life (even when you think things can’t get any worse).
Ready To Take Your Life From Where It Is Now… To Where You Want It To Be?

 So, if you want Lifetricity now then click on the button below!

Page 19. ● The real reason you struggle to lose weight, waste time and energy in relationships even when you give it your best effort, and can never seem to create the financial success you’ve always wanted
Page 63. I ONLY share this secret with people who read page 63.
Page 36. ● Why your stress, depression, and anxiety are actually attracting more of those unwanted emotions and experiences in your life. (The reason why may surprise you. It’s really easy to change but without knowing this fact… those experiences are there to stay.
How to have 24/7 access to the self-parenting techniques no one tells you about. (No, not even coaches, consultants, and motivational speakers. This secret is so life-changing I’ve devoted an entire chapter to it.)
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